Quick Sketches, Image Gallery

Used a photo to quick sketch converter to turn camera pictures into sketches. After loading a photograph I pressed the Sketch button. Then I watched the program gradually fill the canvas and stopped it before the drawing was finished. The result is an outline image that looks handmade.

I was experimenting with another way to create outline images. Instead of using edge detection these images were created using simple picture filters. It gives you a more artistic image and it is faster. Making these images was easy. The hard part was deciding when to stop drawing.

Sometimes you want less detail and more white space so it does not look like a photograph.

A photo may not be impressive or interesting enough because you know it was created by pointing and clicking. Most people can point a camera and click a button. Realistic drawings may look too much like a black and white copy of the original photograph. Sketches are impressive and interesting because they look handmade.

If you want to turn your photos into drawings or paintings without drawing or painting then try some of my digital art apps. Load a picture, choose some options, press a button and let the program do the hard work for you.

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