Black and White Abstract Art, Image Gallery

Converted photos into digital paintings using my AI art Generator. Then I used a grayscale filter to remove the colors. After that I increased the amount of light to make it look more like a drawing. Increasing the light value increased the white space.

When I remade photos in the style of a swan painting I liked the patterns. They were interesting to look at and they made it look like hand made art. I did not like the colors. The images were dull and the colors did not look right to me. I fixed the problem by using a grayscale filter.

Some images look better in black and white. Try using a grayscale filter on photos and digital art to see how it looks.

Creating these images was easy. If you want to turn your photos into semi-abstract digital art without drawing or painting then try some of my digital art apps. Load a picture, choose some options, press a button and let the program do the hard work for you.

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