Image Gallery: Photo to AI Art, Style Transfer

Made AI art using a photo to AI art converter, transforming photos into drawings and paintings through style transfer. I loaded two pictures and clicked the style transfer button, then waited a few seconds for the app's completion. This tool can morph a photo into a painting, drawing, or sketch.

The patterns and colors of the style picture were transfered onto the subject image. It can be an easy way to make small or medium-sized digital art pieces from photos. Similar to an analog watercolor painting, the results often look better when viewed at a reduced size or from a distance.

Images that were made in different styles used a different style image. With style transfer the best part is the variety of styles you can use. You could use a picture of a stained glass window, an oil painting or a bookshelf. Photos like the tiger in water looked impressive in a dozen different styles.

Style transfer is good for generating abstract realism art in different styles.

Making AI art from a photo is a fun experiment. Combine two images and see what you get. The hard part was matching the style with the subject. I like that the core or essence of the subject is clear despite adding colors and patterns from the style image.

If you want to turn your photos into drawings or paintings without drawing or painting then try some of my digital art apps. Load a picture, choose some options, press a button and let the program do the hard work for you.

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