Simple Invisible Filter Effects

Picture of me while I was using my laptop camera in my house. Replaced the background with a picture of the woods. Reduced the opacity of my foreground image to make it see-through and inverted the colors.

Becoming invisible using a simple invisible filter is easy. You can use it to make interesting photos and videos. In recent years 100s of invisible videos were posted to TikTok and YouTube, but it was different people doing the same thing. The first problem was that the videos looked almost identical. The second was that people were misusing the filter.

As an experiment, and to show off some different invisibility filters I added a variety of simple filters to a single page. You can quickly switch from one filter to another. With more options it should be easier to come up with an original idea. Experiment to see what you can create.

The Invisible Challenge

Thinking of interesting ways to use the filters is the hard part. For this invisible challenge the goal is to come up with your own ideas and make something different. Try not to copy other people. I kept the filters simple so they would be easier to use if you only had your phone. If you have a laptop or desktop computer then I also recommend trying my other invisibility filter. It was designed for a laptop. Phones are limited because they don't have a keyboard, a mouse or a large screen.

Use your imagination and put some effort into it.

Removing the Background with Foreground Detection

Foreground detection allows you to separate the main subject of a photo. You could use it to remove the background and create a transparent PNG image. Images with transparent backgrounds can be pasted on top of other images. I like using transparent PNGs for animations, 3D photos and digital art.

When it works it is amazing. Sometimes pieces of the subject are missing or you can still see part of the backdrop. In the photo above I was just sitting in front of my laptop inside my house near a window. For better results find a good place to record your videos and a good distance from your camera.

Masking the Foreground with Foreground Detection

Become invisible by covering yourself with a mask. This effect can be similar to a censored scene on a movie or TV show. TikTok used masking with their invisibility filter. The easiest masking effect is to cover yourself with a single color like white or black. It leaves as much detail as your shadow.

When using masks you may not be covered 100% of the time. In my tests the program had the hardest time covering my hands. There is no way to remove a mask when it is part of the picture.

Transparent Photos

The easiest way to create an invisible effect is to place a see-through picture on top of another image with the same background. Take a picture of the scene. Then take a selfie without moving the camera. When recording a video you could walk out of view.

The program does not need to detect anything but you need a still background. It works best when the only objects that are moving are supposed to be see-through. I like that I can walk 50 feet away from the camera and the effect still works. You can do anything you want that does not change the scenery.

Invisible Filters

Record   foreground   background
cont   100
hue   0
light   100
sat   100
sepia  0
blur  0.0
opacity   50
invert   0
Edges   95.0 0
Color   Show

Foreground Record Take Photo   Transfer to background


Try it out using a webcam, video or a still photo. For ideas, inspiration and lots of examples check out Using Invisible Filter Effects. This page will be updated when I make improvements or add a new invisible filter.

Become invisible on camera using a more advanced filter that does not rely on foreground detection.

Copyright Michael Hadwen
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