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Webcam Effects: Become Invisible Using Invisibility Filter

I created a simple invisibility effect using color filters and a background video. The color filters hide the colors making holes in the video. Displaying a background video fills in the wholes with another image. To create the effect you need to show a video and a live webcam view at the same time. You could record a background video, load it and play it in the background while you add a color filter to the live webcam display.

In the picture below I am using a bright red towel as an invisibility cloak. To make an x-ray vision effect show what is behind or underneath it in the background video. For example you could make a wall invisible to show what was on the other side. The program was made for and tested on a laptop. It may not work on your phone. If you block the webcam then you will need to refresh the page to allow the program to use your webcam. I will be making some improvements to the program.

You are free post the videos you made using thing program with appropriate credit.
When posting videos or photos made with this program please provide a link back to this page.
The recorded videos will be saved as WEBM. You can convert them to MP4 by going here.

For more detailed instructions visit How to Become Invisible with examples.   Copyright Michael Hadwen