Visualization: Using your mind to experience things that are not there
Visualization can be used to program your mind and body for success. Athletes like basketball players, golfers and weightlifters can use it to improve their performance. Not only can it help to train your muscle memory but it can even make your muscles bigger and stronger. To improve your sports performance visualize yourself going through the motions and obtaining your goal. For example see yourself taking the perfect golf swing. Make it as vivid as possible and include emotions. To become stronger visualize yourself exercising. Imagined work outs can provide almost the same strength gains as actually working out. For best results combine visualization with actual physical action.

Daydreaming is a form of visualization. If the visualization is unrealistic it is just entertainment. Like watching a television show. To obtain the outcome you desire you need to visualize a goal you can believe in. You also need to use a lot of repetition.
Weight loss is a goal that people often have trouble with. Visualization
can help a lot. See yourself in the near future having achieved your goal. Visualize yourself having the body you desire. See yourself exercising, eating healthy food, drinking lots of water. Remember to visualize daily, include as many senses as possible and emotions. It can help keep you motivated and the visualizations themselves can increase your fat loss. For best results combine visualization with actual physical exercise, lots of water and healthy eating. Find a picture that represents your ideal body and look at it daily. Focus on how you want to look and feel not on the fat you would like to loose.

Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD
Experiment: I visualized working out my left arm every day for a month.
Result: At the end of the month the bicep muscle was bigger and harder than the one on my right arm.

Experiment: I did as many pushups as I could. Then I visualized doing pushups every day.
Result: A week later I did 6 more pushups while maintaining the same steady pace as the first time.

Experiment: I visualized a cyst on my wrist melting & getting smaller when I showered. I had it for 10 years.
Result: It did not seem to be working so I eventually stopped. 3 months after I stopped I noticed it was gone.

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