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Neuro-Programmer 3
Brainwave Entrainment Software

Purpose: Mind tools for self-improvement. Makes it easier to change yourself. Program your mind for success and overcome problems.
Guarantee: 90 day money back guarantee. Gives you the time to get to know the program. If you are unsatisfied they will refund the purchase price.
Options: Regular and Ultimate Edition. Ultimate Edition allows you to edit and create sessions.
Shipping: Download and have it running in minutes
Support: Extensive help file, forums, FAQ, video tutorials, contact page. Access to the member's area and resource library.
Features: Edit, create, export and import sessions. Microphone recording & text-to-speech tools. Connect to AudioStrobe and biofeedback devices.
Time: 30-60 minutes. You will need to set aside time to use most of the sessions but some can be used while working.
Portability: Can export sessions to use on your music player. Some sessions require headphones and most require you to have your eyes closed.
Review period: Used it regularly for 2 weeks. Listened to it while I was working. I listened to the ones that required special time at night before bed.

Neuro-Programmer 3 contains lots of options. For best results you should explore what it can do and read through the help file. Its main feature is the session player. Sessions are selected from a Session List organized by catagory. You can make changes with Edit Session and Session Options. Sessions can be easliy exported and you can make new ones or import ones other people have made. It comes with over 120 sessions. The sessions are designed to induece different brainwave patterns. To help with mental programming you can add affirmations or scripts. You can use the ones provided with the program, make your own, or use ones other people have made. Most of the sessions involve meditation while others are designed to increase your energy or improve your concentration & learning abilities. Neuro-Programmer can help in many areas such as sleep, stress relief, headache relieft, enhancing mental abilities, changing habits, healing, athletic performance, increasing energy, facilitating meditation, and more.

I liked that it is customizable, easy to use and portable. You can quickly make small changes like changing the background sound or you can spend some time and make a new session. Some of the affirmations I wanted were not there so I used the Affirmation Wizard and recorded my own. Creating a new affirmation is easy but you will need a microphone or a good Text-To-Speech program. I did not like the Text-To-Speech option so I recorded my own voice using a microphone. One of the things I liked most is the ability to edit or make sessions. Since sessions can be exported and used with music players it can be used more often and in better suroundings. A lot of the sessions that come with it are similar but this is so you can use the one that works best for you.

I did not like how much time it took. It was easy to use the ones I could use while I was doing something else but it was difficult to schedule quite time every day. However I started using it before bed. I can listen to a session or two and go to sleep an hour late and have lots of energy the next day. It is not as simple as spending the time listening to the sessions. Using the sessions with scripts, affirmations, visualizations and auto-suggestions works a lot better. Reading the help file and experimenting will help you get the best results. Neuro-Programmer is a great tool for self improvement and can help you achieve long lasting change if you can fit it into your schedule.
Free trial of Neuro-Programmer

Brain Evolution System

Purpose: Personal tool to help you develop a sharp, flexible mind with a strong brain. Quickly enjoy the many benefits of long-term meditation.
Guarantee: 7 month money back guarantee. Enough time to try the whole system. If you are unhappy with it, just return it for a full refund.
Options: Can get with or without Acuity. Acuity is a mind sharpening supplement.
Shipping: Download and have it running in minutes. CDs are shipped to you after the trial period is over.
Support: User manual, videos, support portal, follow up e-mail, series of support messages, forum.
Time: 30 minutes, 6 days a week. You will need to set aside quiet time to use it.
Portability: Can use digital versions on your music player or use CDs. It requires headphones and you must close your eyes.
Review period: Used it for 30 days. Listened to it before bed.

BrainEv is a brainwave meditation program consisting of 6 CDs/levels that gradually upgrades your brain over a 6 month period. There are different types of meditation. With this system you simply set a side half an hour of uninterrupted time and listen to it. It brings about all the benefits of true meditation - greater energy, increased IQ, emotional mastery, sharper thinking, heightened creativity, better relationships, improved memory, less required sleep, greater relaxation levels.

I liked that it is easy to use. You do not need intense concentration or will power. I also liked that it only requires a half hour a day to achieve results. It does not need to impact on your schedule. You can use it before bed or get up early and use it because meditation reduces the amount of sleep you need. The nature sounds were easy to listen to and each CD uses different sounds making it less repetitive. The levels get deeper and deeper making it easier for your brain to adapt. However some people may need to get to the higher levels before they start getting the results they want.

I did not like that there is no delay when you start it. It does not give you any time to get ready after you start it. Overall the system works well. It delivers the many benefits of meditation with little time and effort. Will this program work for you? Everyone is different and it only works if you continue to use it regularly. With the 30 day trial and the 7 month money back guarantee you can try it risk free. I recommend giving it a try. It is one of the easiest ways to meditate.
Free trial of the Brain Evolution System

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