Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi
Reduce stress, enhance immune system, slow aging, improve breathing, increases energy, strength, balance, flexibility & concentration.
Qigong(chi kung): Exercise for healing mind and body, and increasing energy. Breathing techniques, gentle movement, postures and meditation.
Tai Chi(Taijiquan): Martial art for fighting and health. Exercise that uses slow focused movements and breathing techniques.
Qigong and tai chi can be done by most people but they are not as easy as they look. Do what you can and it will get easier. Qigong will bring you quicker results than tai chi but tai chi is also a martial art and can be used for sparring with a partner or for self defense. Regular practice can increase your strength a lot but if you want to bulk up you should include other forms of exercise. Hard qigong can make your body a lot tougher on the outside but it should be balanced with soft qigong. If you do hard qigong, so you can do a pushup with just your thumbs, do some soft qigong to make sure you are getting good circulation.

Don't have the time: It takes as little as 20 minutes a day. Time that you will get back. Sleep less, get sick less often, be more productive and live longer.
Don't have the energy: These exercises are designed to increase your energy levels.

Tai chi is the shorted name the full name is Tai chi chuan(Supreme Ultimiate Fist). It was was created as a martial art for fighting in battle. It is best known for its slow movements. These movements are part of the mental and physical training. Two of the oldest and most popular forms of tai chi are Chen and Yang. If you want to use tai chi as a martial art or you want a more intense workout I would recommend the Chen style.

The Yang style is a modified version of the Chen style. It was changed to make it easier to learn. Both styles contains self-defense aspects. Recently simpler incomplete versions of the Yang style have been developed for people that only want the health benefits.
Five animal Frolics Book Qigong Longevity Program Set Qigong is a meditative exercise system developed to improve or maintain health and promote longevity. It is capable of improving your circulation and making your body stronger including your immune system, organs and bones. Qigong involves breathing techniques, relaxation, postures and concentration.

The movements are slow and the breathing is deep. It is fast acting and leaves you feeling energized. Martial artists also use qigong to improve their abilities. It can be used to make you resistant to injury or to increase your striking ability. A common stance is the horse stance. In this stance you position yourself like you were sitting on a horse.

When I am done practicing tai chi or qigong I feel relaxed and energized.

DVDs are a good method to learn tai chi and qigong. Qigong and the simplified versions of tai chi are the easiest to learn.
If you want to learn a traditional form of tai chi I would recomend learning qigong first because it will make learning tai chi easier.

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DVDs are best for practice & motivation. Books are good for understanding. For best results use both.

Serenity Qigong Greater serenity, balance & harmony. Strengthen the heart, improve balance & stability, detoxify the body.
Vitality Qigong Improve flexibility & vitality. For strong lungs, endurance and conditioning, a sharper mind and a healthy liver.
Power Qigong Improve circulation, boost metabolism, fortify immune system, build leg strength, invigorate your kidneys.
Bliss Qigong Build healing energy, enhance meditation, activate major energy centers, turn on healing power in your hands.
5 Animal Frolics For high energy, vitality and well Being. Exercises model movements of crane, monkey, deer, bear & tiger.
Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong Strengthen immune system, improve flexibility, heal more effectively, deep inner peace.
Vital Breath of the Dao The Secrets of Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong. Increase your understanding & deepen your practice.
Qigong Recharge 18 Qigong and joint techniques to boost your energy, quickly release tension, enhance mobility and more.
Tai Chi Silk Reeling Secrets Significantly improve body coordination, balance, strength, agility, energy & striking power.

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Understanding Qigong DVD Series
Small Circulation Meditation that provides abundant energy to the circulatory system branching out to the entire body.
Martial Arts Qigong Breathing Breathing techniques to increase your qi & spirit. Relationship of breath, Qi, & endurance.
Simplified Tai Chi Chuan with Applications Gain health benefits of tai chi in 20 minutes. Includes martial fighting applications.
Tai Chi Energy Patterns Taijiquan solo & partner exercises for health & martial arts. 30 minute, sitting or partner workout.

Taiji Ball Qigong 3 & 4 Builds upon the foundation taught in the Taiji Ball Qigong Courses 1 & 2 DVD.
Taiji & Shaolin Staff Fundamental Training Master the staff no matter what martial art style you practice.
Shaolin Staff Basic Sequences Learn first two staff sequences in Shaolin Kung Fu. Solo & partner drills with martial applications.
Shaolin Saber Basic Sequences Basic sequences, solo and partner drills. Includes martial applications.

The Naked Warrior Master the secrets of the super-strong using bodyweight exercises only. Get a harder, firmer, fitter body.
Super Joints Russian longevity secrets for pain-free movement, maximum strength & flexible strength.
The Purposeful Primitive Dramatic physical change in 90 days or less.
True Strength Yang Explosive body toughening. Developing formidable internal power without the help of any devices.

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