Intense Concentration

Intense Concentration is a match up game. Try to turn over pairs of pictures using your focus, concentration and memory. Get a good score to move on to the next level. Use the pictures provided or add your own with the 'Add' button. While the pictures are loading you can continue playing. Small screens can limit the number of images.

Turning over pairs increases your score. Failure to match the images decreases your score. With practice you can improve your memory and get better at the game. You can increase the difficulty by using images that are similar or harder to remember. Relax and have fun. To start over at an easier level hit reset.

Files that are not images and files that are too big will be filtered out. So you can quickly select all or most of the files in a folder. 'Remake' starts a new game with the same pictures. 'New' starts a new game with new images. The 'Remove' option lets you remove all the images that were added.

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Playing brain games can give your mind a good workout. They are good for your brain. Relaxing exercises, meditation, hypnosis and subliminal programming are also good for your brain. For more brain training games check the games list below. The games can be played on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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