How to Lose Fat Quickly
To lose fat you need to burn more calories through exercise and reduce the amount of calories you consume. You can not target specific areas. The fat will come off all over your body. If you starve yourself your body will try to prevent you from starving to death. As a result your body will burn less calories and store fat at every opportunity. That is why people that use crash diets often experience rapid weight gain. I just make small changes to my diet like avoiding junk food and drinks. Between meals I drink water instead of drinks with calories.

Cardio exercises like running or biking burn more calories than weight lifting. Intense cardio can also cause you to burn calories at an increased rate for a few hours after you stop exercising. You can modify your cardio to include lite weights. As you lose weight you burn less calories. So increasing your muscle weight can help you get rid of fat. It is good to include some weight lifting like push-ups to exercise your arms more. As your body adapts and becomes more efficient you will burn less calories.

To lose fat quickly I do high intensity cardio like running, biking, or jumping rope. I like to increase my muscle while I am reducing fat. Each week I try to increase the intensity or duration of the exercise. This way I continue to burn a lot of calories. I pay more attention to my exercise performance and health than to my weight.
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Checking my weight does not tell me how much fat I lost because my muscle weight increases. My muscles do not change much in size but they become harder. If you want to check your fat loss see how much fat you can pinch. Do not check your progress too soon or you may get discouraged. It takes time to notice results. You should wait a month. People often check to see if how much progress they have made within the first week. Instead of constantly checking your weight or fat lose keep track of your exercise performance and health. You should be able to improve your performance every week.

If you do intense cardio you should do it for 3-5 hours a week to get good results. You could do it for 5 days and take two days off to give your muscles time to recover or do it in one day. In the summer I go for long bike rides once a week to a provincial park. When you first start an exercise routine you should give yourself more time to recover.

It can take a day or more for your muscles to fully recover. If your muscles hurt or your exercise performance is decreased take more time off. There is no set amount of time for your muscles to recover. It depends how much your muscles were damaged when you exercised. When you exercise you damage your muscles. If you give them time they will heal and become stronger. Most of the muscle recovery and growth occurs while you are sleeping.

Changing your habits can be difficult. You need to set aside some time and give up a habit. I did not want to give up watching my favorite TV shows so I gave up sitting on the couch. When I start watching TV I start exercising. If you have trouble changing your habits try changing your environment. It is easy to move things around and it will stop you from sticking with your old habits. You could move the chair or couch you usually sit on and replace it with exercise equipment.

If you find a hobby you enjoy you can lose weight while having fun. Biking to the park takes a lot of physical effort but I keep doing it because I enjoy it. If you find something you like doing you will be more likely to stick with it. I could also lose weight doing other things I enjoy like hiking or canoeing.

Avoid stress and negative emotions because they cause your body to store more fat. If you have trouble exercising because you do not have enough energy you could try meditation. After I started meditating I required less sleep and had significantly more energy throughout the day. It is also a good way to reduce stress.

Sandbanks Provincial Park
I lose fat quickly by biking to the beach
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