Liquid Wet Paint Effect for Making Abstract Paintings

Create abstract art using fluid simulation. The app simulates wet paint that does not dry. Randomly splatter paint onto the canvas or draw on it. Play with the fluid to see what you can create. It is an easy way to make random abstract art.

The image above was made by pressing the Random splats button a bunch of times. Below you will find the liquid paint canvas. Scroll down to reveal the empty paint canvas. Then use the mouse or your fingers to add the paint.

Open the controls to display a list of options. Density diffusion gradually clears the canvas. Set it to 0 or check pause when you don't want your painting to disapear. Test out the different options to find the settings that work best for your abstract art style.

When you are painting you may not have time to open the menu and select one of the options. For touch screens you can pause the painting by tapping. Press down on the screen and quickly lift up your finger. For laptops and desktops press 'p' to pause or unpause.

For lots of examples and detailed instructions visit Easy Abstract Art Ideas for Beginners

You can also use fluid similation to liquify a picture. Stir or splatter the paint to turn a photo into abstract art.