Photo to Line Art Drawing, Image Gallery

Used a photo to line art converter to turn images into line art. After loading a photograph I pressed the Lines button. Then the program started to add semi-random lines to creat a rough drawing. Some of the images were made with vertical or horizontal lines, others are doodle art.

I used spaced out lines to depict shades of gray. Having visible lines make it look less like a photo and more like a classic analog drawing. Most of the images were based on a photograph. The rest were based on digital paintings.

You might want to try using visible lines, so it looks more like a handmade pencil drawing.

Line art is a traditional style that does not look like the typical digital art you see when you search for images or view a digital art gallery. It could be analog or handmade. While looking at the pictures on this page it makes me think of old classic art that was made by skilled artists.

To create these drawings I searched for interesting high contrast images. Then I generated different versions of it and picked out my favorite. If the image did not work as a random scribble line doodle, then I used straighter lines and reduced the randomness.

The pictures in this gallery are some of my favorite drawings. I included horizontal, vertical and scribble line art. The process of creating the individual lines can be slow and repetitive but the results are interesting. You can use different types of lines to generate different versions from the same image.

Using basic lines simplifies the image and makes it more abstract. Line drawings can be messy and unrealistic. The result is not just a pencil drawing graphite copy. An artist or a computer program made a series of choices.

If you want to turn your photos into drawings or paintings without drawing or painting then try some of my digital art apps. Load a picture, choose some options, press a button and let the program do the hard work for you.

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