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I created a simple 3D effect using color filters. It merges two 2D images together to create a new 3D image. To see the image in 3D you need red cyan 3D glass. I bought a pair and had it delivered to me for $8.25. Without glasses you see one blurry image with red and blue outlines. With anaglyph glasses each eye sees a different image. It is worth getting a pair. When I searched for 'red cyan 3D' I found hundreds of images and videos.

You are creating an image for each eye. When using a single camera take a picture and pan to the right or left. Then take another picture. Limit the horizontal movement to the distance between each eye. The images on this page appear to come out of the screen. While wearing the glasses I can put my finger through the dinosaur like it was a hologram.

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For more examples and detailed instructions visit How to Create 3d Images and Videos Without a 3d Camera.

Pictures taken using your phone often end up being upside down or sideways when opened by a program on your phone or transferred to a computer. You can prevent this by holding the camera so the main buttons and power cord plugin are to the right. If you don't then the pictures you open while using the program will be rotated. Updates are coming soon.

You are free to post the images you made using this program with appropriate credit. When posting videos or photos made with this program please link back to this page. The recorded videos will be saved as WEBM. You can convert them to MP4 by going here.

Warning: Removing colors from 2 images can take a lot of work because the program needs to change all the pixels one pixel at a time. Playing an HD video can slow down your computer and use a lot of memory. If you try to convert a large video your computer may have trouble keeping up and your browser could crash. Start with small videos, especially if you are playing two at a time. You need a fast computer to convert videos.

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