Dot Image Generator: Photo to Stippling or Pointillism Art

Form patterns using dots. Pixels are replaced with visible strokes. Stippling is shading with small points. The spacing of the dots represents the intensity of the color. Pointillism art is coloring using pure colored points. The primary colors are placed beside one another to form secondary colors.

Make art in minutes that could take days or weeks to make by hand. Dot art looks amazing. The main downside is that making thousands of strokes takes a lot of time and patience. The dot art generator quickly turns a digital photo into a dot drawing or painting for you. This program can use a webcam, video or a picture. Play or pause videos using the Video checkbox.

The pictures were made with tiny circles. You can reduce the photo realism by making the points bigger, increasing the spacing between the strokes or reducing the number of colors. Using the color filters on the photo can give you better results.

Select Small, Medium or Custom to change the display size. Changing the Alpha changes how the color intensity is calculated. Changing the style changes the way the dots are spaced out. Decrease the intensity to lower the opacity.

The Area around each pixel and the Density limit sets the density of the strokes. You can also limit the number of Shades, and Pencil sizes.

The dot version will be displayed below the original.

I was inspired to create this art generator after seeing handmade dot art that looked like it took a really long time to make. See what you can do with it. Try it out on different pictures and use different options. It works best with high contrast photos and images with transparent backgrounds. If you need photos to turn into art then try searching for public domain images.

Updates are coming soon. It is not completely finished. I will update it weekly until I run out ways to improve it. Attribution is appreciated. While you are sharing your art let people know what you used to make it.

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Learn how to make amazing dot art. For lots of examples and detailed instructions visit How to Draw with Dots

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